Interesting Properties And Peaking Interest Rates

Posted on: 15 September 2023

Interesting properties and peaking interest rates 


Are interest rates peaking?
Inflation is falling, but with so many fluctuations in interest rates, it can be frustrating trying to plan your future. With inflation gradually declining to 6.8%, lower mortgage rates are on the way.* Projections also indicate that both interest rates and inflation will continue their descent. But as we have seen, world events can change quickly. Perhaps too much emphasis is put on interest rates and not enough on the property you desire, which could improve the quality of your life immeasurably. As the Bank of England steps closer to its target of 2%, there will be fewer fluctuations in interest rates. Nevertheless, many analysts say that we may never return to the ultra-low interest rates of the past. So why wait to buy the home you want?

The solution to rising mortgage costs
Many people are in the fortunate position of owning their homes outright. If you are not in this nice predicament, you can’t be blamed for worrying about rising mortgage costs. If you want to buy now, there is a lot you can do until you get a better mortgage deal in the future when interest rates fall to more favourable levels. Porting your mortgage, that is, buying a new home with your existing mortgage, which means you could pay your current, perhaps lower, interest rate. Extending the term of your mortgage is also a way to reduce your monthly mortgage outgoings. And interest-only payments, both in the long-term and short-term, can be effective in managing your finances.

The properties
It's no wonder that the UK property market is the envy of the world for many. With an eclectic mix of enchanting properties, from castles, country homes, and Victorian townhouses to ultra-contemporary dwellings. Whether it's mansions or maisonettes, flats in the city to rural retreats, there’s an endless selection of properties to explore. And that's just the beginning; there are infinite colour schemes, interiors, and furnishings that make a home your own. Contemporary properties have departed from tradition, offering an abundance of beautiful homes that never cease to surprise. From humble terraced properties with expansive, beautifully landscaped gardens to ultra-green country farm houses modernised while preserving their traditional charm.

Making memories is priceles
Interest rates will rise and fall over time. But as time passes without the home you truly know will make you and perhaps your family happy, is there any point in holding off your dreams? Property prices, in the long run, always rise. Can you put a price on happiness? Any money you save now by waiting to see what happens simply delays the appreciation of your new home, paying off your mortgage, and could put the rapidly gained equity your current home has earned to waste. It is, of course, a balancing act; the numbers need to be right. As you seek the right advice and explore the increasingly diverse range of mortgage products, you open doors to amazing properties.

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Bank of England*


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