40% Of Buyers Will Decide To Buy Based On First Impression Alone

Posted on: 11 January 2018

40% Of Buyers Will Decide To Buy Based On First Impression Alone
As any estate agent can tell you, a successful sale hinges on a good first impression. Prospective buyers possess a sixth sense when it comes to viewing a property and if things aren’t up to scratch – inside and out – you can guarantee they will spot it.

In fact, a recent study has revealed that the average house hunter only needs eight minutes to decide if a property is for them or not.

In fact, six in ten adults will also choose not to buy a property based on the condition of the exterior of the property, without even needing to view the inside.

In comparison, 18% of buyers admitted to buying the very first property they view and 15% said they decided to buy the property before they had even viewed it in person.

This decisiveness extends online, with the average buyer spending eight minutes deciding whether or not to visit a property – highlighting the importance of a good online advert.

75% also confessed to being irritated upon finding that an advert or online listing does not accurately represent a property when visiting in person.

The study also revealed which aspects of a viewing signalled an early exit for many prospective buyers. The main offender was an obvious damp patch, which 60% of buyers said would put a stop to any future transaction, whilst a house on a main road or cracks in the wall would also put an end to the viewing.

For the buyers who are good at seeking out the problematic finer details of the property, there were some decisive reasons for buyers backing out of the viewing, such as dirty toilet pipes, overflowing bins, wheelie bins left in front of the property and faded or yellowed paintwork.

Some viewers take issue with a sellers lack of preparation for the viewing such as untidy rooms, poor DIY and ashtrays left around the house.

Other reasons included logistical problems such as the size of the rooms being too small for the buyer’s furniture, issues with the natural lighting of the property. The current owner’s furniture cluttering up the layout of a room, preventing the buyer’s imagination from running wild, led to over a third of buyers to back out of a purchase.

The list showcases the importance of sprucing up your home – both before putting it on the market and before every viewing. A prospective buyer needs to weigh up the additional costs and work involved in buying a property. Ensure you give your home the most generic makeover possible and organise your possessions and furniture in a way that won’t distract the prospective buyer.


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