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11 September 2022

What Happens After Your Offer Has Been Accepted?

What happens after your offer has been accepted?   You’ve found the house of your dreams, and your offer has been accepted. You’re itching to start your new...

11 September 2022

You Could Increase Your Home’S Value By 16%

You could increase your home’s value by 16%   Simply improving your property’s EPC rating could be the way forward. This is because many buyers are starting to...

11 September 2022

Top Tips To Improve The Busiest Room In Your House

Top tips to improve the busiest room in your house   They say it’s the heart of the home – and we agree. It’s the natural gathering point for family and...

11 September 2022

Sales Being Agreed In The Quickest Time Since 2016

Sales being agreed in the quickest time since 2016   In the last five years, there’s been a 42% drop in how long it takes to accept an offer on the average...

9 August 2022

Lower Interest Rates For High Epc-Rated Properties

Lower interest rates for high EPC - rated properties     The Real Estate Finance division of Secure Trust Bank has launched a new funding initiative to encourage...

9 August 2022

More Landlords Are Needed To Help Tenants Find Homes

More landlords are needed to help tenants find homes   You may have heard how well the sales market has performed over the past couple of years, pushing prices up 12.4%...

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